Creating transformational experiences through sculpture, painting and film!

Brandy Amstel is an award-winning international sculptor, painter and film producer/director, Founder of She was named Austin’s Fearless Woman of the Year and is featured in the Best Seller, Fearless Women: Visions of a New World, a powerful book that features 50 women visionaries from all over the globe who are making a huge difference for people throughout our world. Brandy has appeared on 20/20, CNN and is featured in the CNN documentary, Enlighten US, which talks about her experience as a survivor from the 2009 Sedona Sweatlodge. A master on living powerfully in all areas of life with over 20 years experience inspiring people around the world, Brandy supports people by creating transformational experiences through her fine art, films, daily live-streaming show Living Powerfully with Brandy Amstel, events and VIP Days. Visit


Last year I was commissioned to do a sculpture for a couple that were coming together to start a new life. They had recently purchase a new home and were starting from [...]

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