Brandy Amstel

Creative entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker, sculptor, painter, and Founder of Living I have a vision for a world, our world in which we see ourselves as part of a global neighborhood with our fellow human beings. It is my desire for each person to find their own personal truth and together, we will use our truths to make this world better in our lifetime. We can do this through trusting ourselves and our intuitive power within us. My vision for a new world is one where people are awakened, transformed, and empowered to create a life that allows them to fulfill their purpose and dreams. A world where we love and respect ourselves and one another, and a world where we take care of our planet and all the creatures that live here with us.

What is Beauty?

Where do we give our power away?
I have been thinking alot about where we give our power away. It started out as an inquiry into my feelings about my image. The more I kept digging, the more I realized that it is rampant in most of our lives and we don’t even realize it.