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Sacred Expression Salon

What's It All About?

Brandy Amstel hosts a virtual meeting through zoom with a group of extraordinary human beings. It provides a safe place to be seen, heard, and free to express.

When Is It?

Once a month on the Second Thursday evening, 9PM Boston (ET), 8PM Austin (CT), 7PM Calgary (MT), 6PM California (PT)

Where Is It?

Join in from your laptop/desktop/phone through Zoom link (Sent just before event)

Why Do We Have Them?

To nurture deeper connection through expansive conversation that feeds your soul.

How To Be A Part? (Contact)

Events are by invitation only. If you are interested in being a part of the conversation, contact Brandy directly and request a conversation about the Sacred Expression Salon.

Sacred Expression Salon - Joy is, because I am.

December 2020


December has become a month of reflection…It is when I set aside time to see how far I’ve come, what I’ve accomplished for the year, what I’ve overcome, where am I headed, and list all of the things that I am grateful for.

In a recent conversation, the statement, “Joy is, because I am.” fell out of my mouth as a piece of wisdom from high above. As I reflect on the quote, I realize that joy is a God quality and the statement can be arranged with any God quality that feels true. Peace is, because I am. Love is, because I am. Abundance is, because I am.

As we bridge the expansion of humanity from 2020 to 2021, I can’t help but feel in my bones that this is a very important time for us all to be alive and to help usher in a new level of Living in Love.

Join us for our next Sacred Expression Salon for a conversation to explore higher truths about our oneness and the role that we each play on the micro to the macro.

Sacred Expression Salon - Strengthening Intuition

November 2020


Intuition through the years has been a mysterious thing and as the journey has progressed and the collective consciousness expands…intuition is talked about more and more. Experts and articles have emerged with different perspectives on what intuition is, where it comes from and how to get more of it. I even wrote a free eBook in 2013. (Ten Areas To Gain Awareness That Will Change Your Life Forever)

I believe that we can all agree that 2020 has been an opportunity to evaluate our individual beliefs and truths.  There have been times when I thought I had a handle on a topic or dilemma only to realize that was no longer the truth either.  These continual uncoverings have made it necessary for me to be more adaptive AND more present.

As our society takes the next leap into the 11/11 portal and embarks on the next chapter of our unfolding story, what is intuition from here and how do we apply the knowledge and wisdom from this point to expand to the next level?

Join us for our next Sacred Expression Salon for a conversation to explore intuition.


Sacred Expression Salon - Personal Responsibility and Hope

October 2020


What comes to mind for you when you hear personal responsibility?

This has been a big part of my inquiry throughout the years on the road of awakening. The layers continue to open and expand.

As a participant in the 2009 Sedona Sweatlodge incident where my spiritual community was forever changed and three of our peers died, the media and many in the world brought a particular perspective of personal responsibility that many of us weren’t fully prepared for and that we have all had to navigate.

Art is a form of expression for me and most often serves as a reminder of a feeling that I want to bring forth.  It gives power, peace and presence.  The expression of hope in this piece reminds me that it is healthy to hope…healthy to trust…in myself and in my truth…

Join us for our next Sacred Expression Salon for a conversation about hope and personal responsibility.

Sacred Expression Salon - Creating Ease Through Alignment

September 2020


Getting grounded…
Home after our 34 day adventure across the West…celebrating my birthday and creating my intentions for the next year…feeling the pains of our country…all of which has provided many insights to what is truly important to me and finding the moments where I am at choice.  Digging into responsibility, action, adventure, freedom and expression.
Join us for our next Sacred Expression Salon for a conversation about creating ease through alignment.

Sacred Expression Salon - Outside The Comfort Zone

August 2020


On the road… this month my husband and I loaded up the van (a.k.a. Van Helsing) and set off for the Pacific Northwest. There have been many experiences outside of my comfort zone for sure and many opportunities to look at how and who I want to be.  While encountering people, businesses and state rules across the nation there have been moments to observe the differences and the similarities.  Let’s expand the conversation from the micro to the macro.


Sacred Expression Salon - Bringing Safety, Love and Light Through Expression

July 2020


The past few weeks have been amplified by the exploration of expression. We have all felt it at various levels and seen it unfold in the media. I have felt the pain and sadness AND I HAVE FELT THE SHIFT…There has never been a more important time for light workers to be on the planet to help bridge to more peace and love.

Through my own exploration…I feel more grounded in my truth and free to share my expression. A new level of freedom and joy has been unlocked. In our conversation this month, we will expand the conversation about the evolution of expression, how expression is healing and how we can be safety, love and light to the world.


Sacred Expression Salon - Worthy Of Love

June 2020

Brandy Amstel leads a conversation about up-leveling and claiming worthiness of love. With the world being brought together in the common pains of COVID 19 and the impacts on our collective and personal lives, things are getting loud. We are being forced to pay attention. 

Sacred Expression Salon - Granting Grace

May 2020

Brandy Amstel presents “Grace” from her Feminine Expression Embodied Series as a topic starter for an in depth intimate conversation.

Sacred Expression Salon - The Evolution of Manifestation

April 23, 2020

As we as a society explore a new reality and press into the new, I find that I am being asked for a deeper release of control…a deeper surrender…a deeper faith. Join us for a conversation about manifestation.

Sacred Expression Salon - Out Of Chaos Comes A New Level Of Abundance

April 09, 2020

I personally have been on the path of discovering abundance for quite sometime and my art has been an expression of that journey and the many facets. I have been fascinated by the evolution of the conversations and how it is unfolding within me, our communities and our world particularly as things are amped up.

Sacred Expression Salon - Love and Abundance

March 12, 2020

There is an awakening happening on our planet. People are becoming more conscious of their purpose, how their actions impact the whole and that we as a society have to shift to thrive in our existence.  In this conversation, I share a piece from my “Awakening” series to talk about love and abundance and how it is expansive and never ending.

Sacred Expression Salon - In The Flow of Abundance

February 5, 2020

Using a piece from my “Being In The Flow” Series, we embark on a conversation about what it means to be in the flow, how it is expressed in the world, and the structures and agreements that are in place to continually expand according to our desires.

Sacred Expression Salon - Collective Creation and Collaboration

January 8, 2020

“In Her Shoes” is a short documentary that brought together women entrepreneurs, local business owners and non-profit organizations to make a bigger impact together. In our conversation, we will explore our desires individually and collectively coming into the new year.  We will delve into the creative process and expand the conversation around collaboration and collective manifestation.