What you put into your body matters!

Many of us have snapped to the daunting headlines with statistics on disease and cancer in our society.  We are turning over a new leaf and making the choice to eat healthier.  When we go to the grocery store our carts are filled with yummy fruits and vegetables. We feel a sigh of relief knowing that we are doing something good for ourselves and our family.

But are we really?

What many don’t realize is that the fruits and vegetables that we are getting are covered with herbicides, pesticides and waxes. The items that come from outside the US must pass customs and are fumigated before entry. Sometimes they are even contaminated with E.coli and Salmonella or bacteria and viruses.  Brutal.

Washing with regular tap water doesn’t remove these things.  Most herbicides and pesticides are oil based so that they stay on despite rains and irrigation.  The water just beads up and rolls right off.

I know that almost everyone has experienced going to the supermarket and finding the spinach section or the jalepeno section empty because of reports of people getting sick from E. coli or Salmonella.

So often, we count on the grocery stores or the government to be managing this so that we as the consumers don’t get sick, but it is time for us to take back our power.

I put together a video about how I clean my fruits and vegetables.  I show you how in just a few steps you can become healthier, begin to slow the aging process and increase your quality of life.

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