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PRESS RELEASE: Brandy Amstel named Austin’s 2010 Fearless Woman

Representatives from Mary Ann Halpin’s new Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom book and the Austin Chapter of EWomen Network have selected Austin’s 2010 Fearless Woman: Brandy Amstel.

We will present Brandy with her award Thursday, August 26 at the Fearless Women Day celebration at Maggiano’s, which goes from 5 – 7 p.m. This celebration takes place as other similar events do the same around the country in major cities. Tickets to the event may be purchased.

The goal is to honor fearless women everywhere and to also celebrate the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Click for more info.

Finalists for the Austin’s 2010 Fearless Woman award included:
Melinda Garvey, Austin Woman Magazine
Sari Waxler, Seedling Foundation
Melanie Moore, Badgerdog Literary Publishing
Cherie Matthews, Heal in Comfort

Numerous other Austin women were nominated as well.

I am honored to be recognized by such an amazing group of women entrepreneurs. What a privilege to be linked with some of Austin’s leaders and my heroes.  It fills my heart with joy and excitement knowing that with each day, women get stronger and bolder and their actions are making a bigger and bigger difference in the world.

Please join us to celebrate this moment in time.

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