Transformation Starts Within

Have you ever thought about change? I don’t know about you, but for me there’s something kind of negative about change and it seems hard, very rigid, and like it requires discipline. It seems like a huge undertaking and most likely unobtainable. I’ve heard people make comments like, “people never really change”. Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not, but one thing is clear to me… the word change has a lot of baggage that comes with it.


What about transformation? Transformation is about metamorphosis. It’s a “thorough, radical, or dramatic change”. It is the transition from one thing to another. When I think of transformation, it feels way more gracious and attainable. It feels more loving and kind.


I can tell you from firsthand that transformation isn’t easy, AND there is something really extraordinary about transforming yourself, which is what keeps me on the path of self-discovery, self-realization, and self-actualization.  I feel a transformation not only in myself, but also in the people in my life and what’s happening in the world.  Can you feel it?


The reality is we are always growing and expanding in one way or another as an individual, as a society, and as a world. The level of consciousness and awareness that we bring to the growth and expansion will determine the speed and the direction. All of which is great news… WE have the power to transform our own lives and transform the planet.


This year I made an even bigger commitment to raising my consciousness and awareness to the truth of who I am and it has been such a transformation for me. There has been so much healing, growing, and expanding. And now as we approach the anniversary of one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on the transformation that has occurred as a result of that experience and now envision, like a butterfly coming from it’s cocoon, the fruits of the transformation.


Seven years ago this week I participated in a spiritual retreat where during the final exercise, three of my friends lost their lives and 20 of us were sent to the hospital with varying degrees of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat exertion. It made national news and was traumatic on so many levels.


I totally get how my life since then has been in a bit of flux, turmoil, and change. I’ve been just trying to figure out who I am, how I relate to the world, what is my path and what were all of the lessons that I was to learn from that experience.  There had to be a bigger reason that I was there. Now after much reflection, I feel more grounded, equipped, and ready to share the authentic me without any apology. The time is now and I’m ready to step into being my most powerful version of myself… stepping into the truth of who I really am.

I am a pioneer for transformation on our planet and assert that you are as well if you are reading this blog post.


I am a huge stand for love, freedom and interconnectedness, which to me means understanding that each of our actions impacts the whole. I am here to help people raise their awareness and consciousness about issues and causes that impact us all, to connect with the truth of who they are, to nurture their intuition to know what is right for them, to powerfully choose and to take inspired actions toward living a life by their design.  I believe that when each of us are living the best versions of ourselves, we will be better stewards of the planet. Mother Earth needs us…The time is now…There is still time.

It is truly exciting to be alive during this time on the planet. And you are here with me.  Yah!!!!!  We are part of a transformation and expansion of consciousness. We get to shift the status quo that has been here so long and transform conversations.


One of the things that I am inquiring into right now is how to impact conversations and transform them from small talk to exchanges that make a mutual contribution.  Imagine having awesome, authentic conversations that touches, moves and inspires you and …THAT was the norm.  Instead of these conversations being reserved for “your close friends” or certain friends that “get you that way”, what if you were free to share yourself with anyone you came into contact with and each of you were more present to love and connected at a whole other level.  Imaging being fully self-expressed.


I know it might sound a little airy, fairy… which is just really words to express disbelief that it is possible.  As a pioneer for transformation, of course there will be some obstacles to overcome because our past is all that we’ve known. This is uncharted territory that will require some bold, courageous actions followed with presence to reflect and course correct for what feels right.


Now to share with you the vehicle (the way) which I have many of the conversations I have in the world… through my art.  I know that you also have a vehicle for conversations in your life.  It is possibly your work or maybe you leading a book group or maybe you as a coach for the soccer team. We all have ways to be related to people and to engage in conversation. Each of my art pieces come from my personal spiritual journey. I pour my heart and soul into them. They have me feel more connected to my higher power.  Can you relate to something in your own life that has you feel this way?  These are the ways that we can have more meaningful conversations and can start a new way of relating to one another. If you would like to check out my art to get more examples, please visit my brand spanking new website at AND be on the look out for some upcoming Art Salon events to engage in intentional conversation.


Transformation starts within and expands. Join me on the transformation train and let’s shift the planet to the world we have always dreamed of.

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