Beauty Is…

At this point, it seems like a game. Yes, I cut my hair. I went from platinum blonde long hair to extremely short dark blonde. It was shocking to say the least and it has definitely been a learning/growth process.

It didn’t really occur to me before that a person’s hair could mean so much to who they think they are or who others think they are. Make no mistake, I am very clear now.

I am currently putting together a web series that talks about Beauty and how we as a society define it. We delve even deeper into the topic and ask some very important questions. Have you ever considered what has some people be successful while others are not, even though their qualifications are the same? Is it their upbringing, their clothing or appearance, there personality, maybe the connections? But what get the connections? What is it that determines success and how can I take my game to the next level.

Tune in this July as we launch our web series:

Beauty Is…

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