Last year I was commissioned to do a sculpture for a couple that were coming together to start a new life. They had recently purchase a new home and were starting from scratch to create a space that reflected them as a couple. They new that they wanted me to do a piece for their entry way that would set the tone for the rest of their collection. After spending some time with them and determining their interests, likes and desires I created a sketch of something that I felt would look amazing in their space.

They love nudes, were intrigued by Picasso and fascinated by Dali. The client kept telling me he wanted it big…. life size…. significant.  I showed them a sketch of a figure coming out of water and they seemed to like it.  They wanted to have it be bronze. After completing a quote on what a bronze of that size would cost, we went onto plan B.  I informed them that I could give them 90% of the look they were going for at a fraction of the cost if we could do it in clay.  However, it would be testing the limits of what was capable of clay. I felt confident that I could make it happen.

We came to an agreement and off I went.

I started with 450 pounds of clay and built a huge mound.  It was a very labor intensive day.

(c) 2016 Brandy Amstel
(c) 2016 Brandy Amstel











Next  I had to cut out the basic form to get the proportions the way that I wanted them.

(c) Brandy Amstel 2016
(c) Brandy Amstel 2016









Next I wanted to get her head at an angle

Emergence -in Client’s House

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