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Gearing up for eWomen Network Conference 2010

I just attended an Intention Setting Workshop with Dianna Amorde.  I must admit at first I was a little skeptical.  There have been some events in the past year with my spiritual development that have left me really questioning everyone and whether what they are teaching is the real deal.

As I kept reminding myself to remain open, I found myself getting back into the swing of things and participating.  Dianna was awesome and I loved her energy. She led us through several powerful exercises to set our intention for the upcoming conference where we will be able to generate actionable results.

During one of the exercises, we were to talk with our partner as if they were our best friends and we were sharing with them for the first time what happened to us at the eWomen Network conference.   We got to do this back and forth a couple of times.  I noticed at first that I was conservative and a little reserved.  It was uncomfortable to share my desires with someone that I didn’t know that well.  But with some practice, it came much freer and I was able to open up to her.  After sharing with her from my heart, it felt so good.  It released some energy and I remembered how rewarding it can be.

I left the event inspired, open and operating from my heart.  I am looking forward to next week’s conference and living from the outcome as if my intentions were already filled.  It feels like a piece of me has come back to life.  I feel more open to trust again and able to be the real self-expressed me.

Here is a short video that I put together a couple weeks ago about why I am attending the eWomen Network Conference.

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