What is Beauty?

Where do we give our power away?

I have been thinking alot about where we give our power away. It started out as an inquiry into my feelings about my image.  The more I kept digging, the more I realized that it is rampant in most of our lives and we don’t even realize it.  It’s in all areas of our life from where we give our power away to authority figures and leaders, to the financial institutions, to the doctors, to the pharmaceutical companies, to the retailers, to family members and the list goes on and on.

I interviewed a few of my friends and realized that I was definitly not alone with my feeling or with my findings.  It inspired me to deepen the inquiry and create a new intention for 2011.  I am putting together a webisode that explores this topic and offers solutions on how we can take our power back.  It will talk about how we can create a life by our design, one that we have always dreamed of having.  It first starts with awareness.

I have rounded up some awesome people to help shed some light on the topics and will begin to leak those names out as they are confirmed over the next few weeks.

We have cut together a short teaser about some of our findings with how we give our power away around the topic of Beauty.  So often we conform to society’s idea of what beauty is and it stifles us from truly expressing who we are. We end up leading a life that just never feels right or lives up to the expectations.  Please be sure and sign up for our Newsletter updates to find out about developments on the projects and dates for the show.

We are looking for sponsors and if you are interested in participating in the project at that level or know someone else that might be interested please contact me.

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